Door Entry & Access Control Systems

Door Entry & Access Control Systems

Door entry systems are an increasingly popular security feature.

We’ll work with you to fully understand your door entry or access control needs, design and then install the ideal security control system for your premises.

We specialise in door entry & access control systems for businesses, homes and flats. With experience of over 20 years and a wide range of products, we have the door entry system for all needs and situations.

Door Entry Installations

Door entry systems can provide both convenience and security. We can provide either audio or video entry systems; An audio door entry system allows you to talk to the caller before letting them in remotely, a video system does the same thing with the added benefit of being able to see an image of the caller.

Whether your business is large, medium or small, you have an obligation to protect your staff as well as your assets. This can easily be achieved by controlling access to either an entire building from unwanted intruders or perhaps just controlling certain doors to particular parts of a company.

Access Control Installations

Access Control is managing the security access to your premises which can comprise of;

  • Key fobs
  • Finger print access
  • Intercom and proximity cards
  • Door card readers
  • Biometric security systems

Using the latest telecoms and biometric systems, DCCTV will work with you to plan the most effective access control security solution. So, if you want to enhance your businesses security through access control then we would be delighted to discuss your home or business security options with you.

Why choose DCCTV?

  • We will always ensure you receive professional advice and expertise.
  • We wil guide you through the security design & installation process.
  • We focus on ensuring that our clients get the very best customer service.
  • We have a wide range of products.
  • We have many years of experience installing door systems in both businesses and homes.
  • We are a family run company you can trust.

‘Our services are used by homeowners to private and public sector clients. We offer the best solution for everyone looking for an efficient door entry system or access control system‘